Administrative Services

Finance & Administration

Highland Shores Children's Aid receives funding based on a model established by the Ontario Government.  Finance accurately reports our service activities and expenditures and prepares our submission to the Ministry to ensure we receive appropriate funding.  In addition, Finance ensures timely payments to employees, suppliers and foster parents.  Finance is also responsible for all property management at our various work sites.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department provides human resources service to the organization in support of our Mission, Vision and organizational objectives, as well as support to individual managers and employees. Areas include recruitment, training & development, benefits, compensation, health & safety, in addition to answering questions regarding the collective agreement, human resource programs and general problem solving.

Information Services

The Information Services department ensures that there is a complete and efficient computing infrastructure to support the day-to-day operations of the agency.  This involves computer hardware and software, as well as phone equipment, video conferencing, and wireless internet connectivity.  The scope of the service includes frontline service workers as well as other agency management and administrative function areas.  With a recent emphasis in the field on efficiencies and data-based decision making, the role of IS has become even more critical as we see additional value leveraged through it in new and exciting ways.