Becoming a Board Member

Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from the community at large. The Board consists of up to 14 members each elected for 3-year terms and includes 2-year appointments from Alderville First Nation, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and The Children’s Foundation.  The Board is responsible for the overall guidance of the organization in terms of policy development, planning, monitoring of quality and effectiveness, management of the Executive Director and advocacy on behalf of the children served by the organization.

As part of the Board’s overall community engagement strategy aimed at providing the opportunity for public input to Board’s decision making processes and as a method of succession planning, Highland Shores Children’s Aid is committed to recruiting community members to sit on its Service & Administration committee of the Board. Community members are considered active participants with voting privileges at the public Service & Administration committee. Starting out as a community member on this committee is a good way to find out if you would like to be more involved on the Board!

If you are interested in being a Board Member OR Community Member on the Service & Administration Committee…

Please send the following documents to the address below:

Highland Shores Children’s Aid
363 Dundas St. West
Belleville, ON  K8P 1B3
Attn:  Colleen Thompson
or by email to colleen.thompson@highlandshorescas.com 

You may also contact Colleen at 800-267-0570 ext 2336 OR 613-962-9291, ext. 2336 if you require more information.

  • Candidates will be required to participate in an interview, provide references and obtain a Police Reference Check.  
  • According to the CYFSA, applicants cannot be a person with whom the Society has been involved unless three (3) full membership years have elapsed from the termination of such involvement, or be the partner of anyone who is receiving service.