Who Can Adopt?

People wanting to adopt understand the importance of providing a child with a safe, loving and nurturing environment – a home where children can reach their full potential. Adoptive parents can be individuals and couples, unable to have children of their own, parents who already have children and want to add to their growing family, as well as adults whose first choice for building a family is through adoption.

People from diverse cultural backgrounds, single people or same-sex couples are encouraged to consider adoption. People who are open to parenting special needs children, sibling groups or older children are especially encouraged to consider adoption.

Children range in age from infants to teens and come from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. Some are siblings, waiting for a family who can keep them together. Others are special needs children who require parents willing to learn the skills to care for them. Although some children may have challenges, they all have one thing in common – a need for a safe and loving home for a lifetime.