Children and Youth Who Need Full-time or Relief Foster Families

Foster parents can provide care on a full-time or relief basis. Relief families welcome foster children into their homes on an occasional basis which provides the foster family who care for the child on a full-time basis, time away from care giving.

Meet Jason. He and his foster parents are looking for a special family who can help them by providing relief foster care.

Hi. My name is Jason and I am 11 years old. I am currently living with my foster family. My family does need additional support and I need to feel comfortable when I am away from them. This is why I need to find a special family who are willing to support us on a regular basis. I have autism and sometimes I need help processing my feelings about things because I can get frustrated and act out. This happens when I am confused, sad, scared or upset about the way things are going.

I need a family that is familiar with, or willing, to take ABA training (Applied Behavioral Analysis). I need consistency, support and structure. I am able to do most things for myself and love to help and have responsibilities around my home and this helps me to feel successful. I can be very determined and persistent and at times I need help refocusing. When I become frustrated I sometimes say hurtful things, so I need a family that will be patient, supportive and calm during these times. People describe me as sensitive and very kind hearted and when I make mistakes I do feel really bad. I need a family that is able to provide me with reassurance and support to understand that it is my choices that are sometimes not okay, but that I am a great kid.

I love fish and love doing puzzles. I enjoy doing these activities with others or on my own. I love to chat about different fish and the ocean and love to go on hikes and be outside and there are times when bug collecting is one of my favorite activities.

For more information about how you and your family might assist Jason and his foster parents, or on what is involved in becoming a full-time or relief foster parent, please contact Highland Shores Children’s Aid at 613-962-9291 or 800-267-0570.