What is Involved in Becoming a Foster Parent?

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent contact Highland Shores Children’s Aid and we will assist you to begin the process. A number of steps are required before one can become an approved foster parent. To become a foster parent you will need to complete a criminal record check and drivers’ license abstract check, Children’s Aid provincial and local data base check, medical evaluations, home inspection, and references. 

You will also be asked to participate in a ten-week training session called P.R.I.D.E. (Parent, Resources, Information, Development, and Education).   While participating in the P.R.I.D.E training sessions a resource worker will meet with you to complete a home study. The formal name for the home study is the S.A.F.E Assessment (Structured Assessment Family Evaluation).  The S.A.F.E assessment tool is used across Ontario to collect information and assess the suitability of individuals to become foster parents.  

The training process and completion of the assessment tool helps you learn more about how abuse and neglect affect children.  It helps foster parents to learn about the skills that are required to foster a child.  The primary purpose of a home study is to determine if a family is ready, willing, and able to become a suitable and safe placement resource for a child.  The home study also provides family information to help determine if your family is the best fit for the needs of a particular child or youth.  The process also helps you and the CAS determine if fostering is right for you.

The process to become an approved foster parent takes approximately six to seven months and there is no cost to participate in the training and assessment process.  All family members participate in the decision to become a foster family.

Please contact Highland Shores Children’s Aid at 800-267-0570, if you would like more information on becoming a foster parent.