Who Can Become a Foster Parent?

An individual, or couple, who wishes to make a difference in the life of a child. An individual or couple wanting to provide a child with a home environment that is safe, nurturing and loving. Individuals or couples with the attributes of patience, flexibility and tolerance.  An individual, or couple, who can work as a member of a team.

Individuals or couples who can assist a child in preparing for reunification with his or her biological family, assist a child in moving into an adoptive home or moving onto independent living.

Foster Parents come from diverse cultural, ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.  Foster parents are all ages and are in a variety of life stages.  

If you are:  a family with young or adult children, a family with no children, a single parent, a couple, retired or stay at home parent, or both parents working outside the home and have a love for children, you can apply to become a foster parent.

An educational background or experience in a child related field is an asset, but not a requirement for fostering.