In times of uncertainty, look for the helpers

April 09, 2020


In times of uncertainty, look for the helpers. 

This is a sentiment famously shared by the late Fred Rogers of the American television show, Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  He says that when he was a boy and he would see scary things in the news, his mother would tell him to “look for the helpers – you will always find people who are helping”.

Not only are health care providers fighting the COVID-19 battle on the front line, we have never been more aware of the important work of those people that provide other essential services to the public such as staff in grocery stores, food banks, shelters, cleaning companies and people delivering vital supplies.  During this pandemic, members of the community are stepping up to help their neighbours in various ways from buying groceries, delivering prescriptions, or picking up the phone to check in with some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Although the front doors are locked at Highland Shores CAS to limit the spread of the virus, they and their community partners, continue to be on the front line watching out for the most vulnerable members of the community.  While this good work continues, it is important to recognize the helpers – the volunteer board members and volunteer drivers.

This year, National Volunteer Appreciation Week is celebrated April 19-25. During fiscal 2019-20, 49 individuals donated their time as either board members or volunteer drivers for Highland Shores.  Those volunteer drivers logged 568,069 km as of the end of March serving children, youth and families which accounts for 10,986 volunteer hours. Board members collectively participated in over 50 board and committee meetings, which doesn’t consider the time spent to prepare for those meetings.  “The Society has been extremely fortunate to have such caring volunteers.  Whether they are driving our children to an appointment or school, working with a youth in care, or offering their expertise to a committee or the Board, this group of individuals is committed to making a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve”, said Tami Callahan, Executive Director of Highland Shores Children’s Aid. 

Highland Shores is actively recruiting for volunteer board members.  The board and its committees meet 10 times a year to ensure the Society is meeting standards of service to children and families, and discusses programs and services, policy, and administrative issues. Participation in meetings is currently held virtually at this time.  Call to find out how you can make a difference by volunteering at Highland Shores Children’s Aid at:  1-800-267-0570, ext. 2600 or visit our website at https://highlandshorescas.com/about/our-board .

Highland Shores Children’s Aid protects and cares for vulnerable children and youth in the counties of Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward and provides programs and services that help to empower them and their families. 

If you have concerns about a child, please call 1-800-267-0570.