Child Abuse Prevention Month Colouring and Poster Contest Winners - 2015

Thanks to all of the young people who entered our 2015 Child Abuse Prevention Month Colouring and Poster Contest which was held in October of 2015.

The individual who created the original artwork for us that was used in the colouring contest provided the following words to describe the meaning behind it. 


The eagle is sacred because he/she is the one who flies closest to the creator.  The eagle is our sacred messenger.  The most sacred gift of honour and protection one can receive is receiving an eagle feather.  The feather teaches us to be honest and truthful.  There are two sides to an eagle feather and this teaches us to see that there is two sides to everything and we must open our eyes and hearts to that.  We must try to find that “good way of life” and have kindness in our hearts at all times.  The eagle feather teaches us and gives us protection and safety.  Not only are we protected by our feather, but we offer protection to those around us, especially our youth.  We must take care of our feather as we take care of each other in a respectful, honest, loving, and truthful way. 

Child abuse, unfortunately has been a problem in our communities for a long time.  Our sacred teachings need to play a greater role in our lives, starting with our youth.  Our teachings never taught to abuse anyone.  If we stay grounded in these teachings and rooted in what they are intended for, how are we able to abuse anyone?  The purpose of this drawing is to bring awareness to the prevention of child abuse through our teachings and to stimulate a child to ask questions and hopefully cause interaction between the child and adult.  It is also for the child to have fun colouring and explore their creative side. 

From the 240 entries to the contests we chose the following as our winning submissions:

Colouring Contest Winners

Submitted by Christian, Grade 1, Roseneath Centennial Public School




Submitted by Ava, Grade 3, Spring Valley Public School




Submitted by Grace, Grade 5, Smithfield Public School




Submitted by Charlotte, Grade 6, Spring Valley Public School





An Honourable Mention was given to Ashlynn, Grade 3, Spring Valley Public School for providing insight into the meaning of the artwork.





Poster Contest WINNER

Jolene, Grade 8, Smithfield Public School