What Happens When You Call?

When you call with a question or concern for a child’s well-being, your call will be put through to a trained child protection worker. The worker will ask for some basic information including the child’s name, age and whereabouts, and why you are worried about the child’s safety.  

The worker may ask you to identify yourself, but for non-professionals, like a neighbour or friend, this is not required. Should you identify yourself, the Society will do its best to protect your identity. Professionals who work with children, such as teachers and doctors, are required by law to identify themselves.

The worker will decide if the child is at risk and what services are required to ensure the protection of that child.

If a child comes into care, a Children Services Worker is assigned to supervise the care given to the child to ensure that legal and regulatory requirements are met.

A Plan of Care for each child is developed in conjunction with the foster parents, the natural family, the Protection Worker, and other agencies. The Children Services Worker ensures that this plan is carried out and revised as needed. In doing so, the Children Services Worker will liaise with schools, medical practitioners and collateral agencies that may be providing care/treatment for the child, as well as the foster family or caregiver.

If you suspect a child is being abused or have protection concerns about a child, please contact us.  Call 800-267-0570, someone will be there to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.