Welcome to Highland shores children's aid

On April 1, 2013, Highland Shores Children’s Aid and the Children's Aid Society of Prince Edward legally amalgamated.  The Society protects and cares for vulnerable children and youth in the counties of Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward and provides programs and services that help to empower them and their families. 

We all share a responsibility to protect children from harm - a responsibility that extends to those situations where children suffer abuse or neglect.


The Society believes that every child has the right to grow and develop in a family environment. When this is not possible due to an unsafe, abusive or neglectful situation, then having caring foster parents to call upon to help bridge the gap is a must.


Highland Shores Children's Aid believes in empowering children, youth and families to be all they can be and it offers many programs and services in this regard. We offer support and tools to children and youth to help them succeed.


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