Welcome to Highland shores children's aid

The Society protects and cares for vulnerable children and youth in the counties of Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward and provides programs and services that help to empower them and their families. 

We all share a responsibility to protect children from harm - a responsibility that extends to those situations where children suffer abuse or neglect.


The Society believes that every child has the right to grow and develop in a family environment. When this is not possible due to an unsafe, abusive or neglectful situation, then having caring foster parents to call upon to help bridge the gap is a must.


Highland Shores Children's Aid believes in empowering children, youth and families to be all they can be and it offers many programs and services in this regard. We offer support and tools to children and youth to help them succeed.

Child Welfare Data Results

The Highland Shores Children's Aid (HSCA) Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is made up of two staff and several youth currently in the care of the Society. They work to represent and support youth by bringing forward ideas and suggestions to the HSCA Board of Directors and by holding monthly meetings which are attended by a Board member liaison. Youth currently in the care of Highland Shores Children's Aid, or formerly in our care, who would like to connect to a YAC member can do so via this email address: YAC@highlandshorescas.com.

Use Your Voice... We Will Listen.


OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare »

Starting January 1, 2018, anyone 24 years of age or younger living in Ontario has access to more than 4,400 free prescription medicines.


Child, Youth and Family Services Act will Bring Changes to the Delivery of Child Welfare Services »

As of January 1, 2018 the age of protection will be raised to include 16 and 17 year old youth.


National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women »

Each year on December 6th we mark the anniversary of the murders of 14 young women in 1989 at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal.


International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women »

November 25th is recognized as a day when we can call attention to the issue of gender-based violence and help put a stop to it.

Child Welfare Data Results

The child welfare sector of Ontario is committed to using data to continuously improve the services it provides to children and families. Click here to go through the journey of what a "performance indicator" is in the context of child welfare, why performance indicators are important and the next steps of the Performance Indicator Project.

Collecting Data

Children's Aid Societies in Ontario are collecting data to measure their performance in various areas of child welfare. This data assists us in our efforts to continuously improve the services we provide to children and families and increases accountability and transparency with regard to the work we do. Click here to look at our performance data at Highland Shores.