Parenting Programs

Parenting for Success

Unique parenting programs for adults who are clients of Highland Shores Children’s Aid and require significant assistance in developing their parenting skills. The 12 week program is geared specifically to parents who have temporarily lost custody of their child/children to the Society or are at serious risk of doing so. For more information call the Society at 800-267-0570.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Triple P is a system of easy to implement, proven parenting solutions that help to solve current parenting problems and prevent future problems before they arise. The program was adopted in 2007 as a model by a group of 15 community agencies in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

Visit the Triple P website.

Mohawk Family Services

Highland Shores Children’s Aid works closely with Mohawk Family Services through a Memorandum of Understanding which details the roles and responsibilities of both agencies in providing child welfare services to families on the Territory. Mohawk Family Services is a Native service working to keep families healthy, happy and safe. They provide services such as one to one counseling, family mediation, family counseling, foster care, active parenting groups survivors group, court support, home visits, supervised access visits, life skill training and support protection investigations. Visit the Mohawk Family Services website.

Alderville First Nation

Highland Shores Children’s Aid works cooperatively with Alderville First Nation through the Protocol Concerning the Delivery of Child and Family Services. Alderville Health Services provides preventative social, emotional and medical health services to their community and works closely with child protection staff to keep children safe within their own communities.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a program geared towards young, pregnant mothers who are at high risk of becoming involved with CAS services. The program is designed to link with and provide additional services in conjunction with other community collaterals such as Healthy Babies, Healthy Children and Babies and Beyond. For more information, call the Society at 800-267-0570.

Families First

Developed in collaboration with Community Living Belleville and Area, Families First is a program that provides stronger supports to families coping with challenges of the developmentally delayed child at home. Visit the Community Living Website.